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Conditions and definitions.

Reservation of Rights. The company website is registered online under the following address including subdomains: serpbooster.com. All rights to the website are reserved and belong to BetacamIT, including its content, graphical elements, layout and other elements.
The company BetacamIT, henceforth called “company” offers a possibility to use its services to the user (“User”) that are presented on the website according to terms of use defined in this contract (“Contract”) between the company and user.

1. General Terms of Use

1.1. The Terms of Use are effective from the day of its placement on the website “https://serpbooster.com”. All changes and amendments introduced by the Betacam company in the Terms of Use are effective after 5 calendar days, since modification or amendments of the Terms of Use has been placed on the website. The user is obliged to review and check the newest version of the Contract.
1.2. The newest version of the agreement is always published on the company’s website: https://serbooster.com/
1.3. The user accepts the conditions of the contract by:
1.3.1. Buying software provided by the company on company’s website
1.3.2. If the user does not accept the conditions and definitions of this contract, the user’s right to use the services or software provided by the company are terminated.
2. Service description
2.1. The company is providing a service and software to automatically generate websites and to add articles to these websites.
2.2. Prices for the service are defined on the company’s website.
2.3. When the service is bought on the company’s website, the user will receive an e-mail with a login and a password that is used to download and install the software provided
3. User Registration
3.1. When filling in the registration form, user provides with an e-mail address and password necessary to access a personal account at a later date.
3.2 During the registration process, the user is providing the following information: contact e-mail address and password.
3.3. Registering user’s account on the website is free of charge. The company does not check the validity of information provided by the users, neither does it take responsibility toward Third Parties regarding the precision, or truthfulness of data provided by the user, nor does it verify them as personal identification data.
3.4 Users are solely responsible for safely accessing and logging in the website.
3.5. Acts that are undertaken, while using user’s login an password (key-password) are understood to be acts performed by the user.
3.6. Users accepts the sole responsibility for:
– Immediate notice sent to company, if an unauthorized use of user’s password or any other breach of security is noted.
4. Payments.
4.1. Payments for using the Service are defined by a tariff on the website here: https://serpbooster.com
4.2. To begin working with the software, it is necessary to buy a license for the software. In case of returns or return obligations the company has the right to temporarily block access to contracted services.
4.3. Remaining, or unused funds that were paid by the user are not retrievable.
5. Limitations and Responsibilities
5.1. The company does not take responsibility for loss or damage to data, and other consequences that result from breaches of agreement on the side of the user, regarding statement 3.4 of this contract.
5.2. The user undertakes all actions within the company’s website and service at his own risk. The service is provided “as-is”. The company does not take responsibility for all actions undertaken by the user while using the services of the company’s website.
5.3. The company does not provide any warranties, whether:
– Services are fulfilling the users criteria, expectations -of the user
– Services will be discontinuous, periodical, safe, or free of errors.
5.4. The company will not take any responsibility towards the user and (or) any Third-Party for any damage resulting from the use of services of a user, the website or any of its components, and any of the websites and services functionalities.
5.5. The user has no right to use the service or company’s website towards aims incompatible or contradicting the law, including damage caused to Third-Parties (including governmental agencies), violating law in Poland, USA or other countries, including:
5.5.1 Transferring, sending, publishing, giving or any form of publication of materials violating the law, dangerous, threatening, or infringing moral rights, related to defamation, infringing copyrighted materials, and other intellectual property infringements, propagating hatred and/or discrimination of persons on racial, ethnic bases. Any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, social discrimination, or violating of accepted norms and communication ethics on the internet.
5.5.2 Violating laws of underaged, and/or damaging them in any way, including moral damage.
5.5.3. Violating the right of minorities.
5.5.4. Transferring, publishing, giving and publishing in any way materials, which are not publishable under law or any basis of agreements with Third-Parties.
5.5.5 Transferring, publishing, giving and publishing in any way publications and materials that infringe on Third-Party rights, both registered trademarks (and service signs), trade secrets and / or infringing on intellectual rights of Third-Parties and other individuals.
5.5.6 Transferring, publishing, giving and publishing in any way publications and materials is not allowed in the advertisement market, both mass and unauthorized and /or predicted receivers of unwanted and unsolicited advertisement, of unknown origin, and with a large amount of repetition of the same e-mail address (“Spam”), as well as sending repetitive messages to the same receiver without his approval.
5.5.7. Other infringements.
The company does not take any responsibility for any violations performer by the user defined in this section of the Contract.
5.6 Using the services or software of any external company and intermediaries through services and software of this company, terms of service of this company need to be accepted before services and software of an external company are used through an intermediary.
5.7 Using the services or software of any external company through intermediaries of company’s service and software should have a separate tariff for licensing of services or software of any other company, if an external company required such before using the services or software of such company through the medium of services and software of this company.
5.8 Software is not licensed beyond the current version, which the user is buying. All critical errors that may occur will be fixed after a free-of-charge update.
5.8.1 Without the possibility of re-selling, lease (selling the license is forbidden, if detected the account will be cancelled) .
5.8.2 Transferring licences in-between domains is chargeable.
5.8.3 Free-of-charge actualizations are valid for 6 months, after these period, all updates require paid-for extension, otherwise current version should be used.
5.8.4 It is prohibited to transfer program files of the software to persons not in possession of an active license.
5.8.5 It is prohibited to decompile the program.
6.1. The company has the right to install all additional prerequisites and limitations related to Registration on the website, and using the Service.
6.2. This Contract is subject to the Polish law, and will be interpreted according to its regulations and enforcement, without consideration for the place of residence of the user. Cases not regulated with this Contract will be resolved according to the Polish law. All possible conflicts of interests effectuating from the relation between regulations in this Contract will be considered in accord with the Polish law, according to norms of Polish laws.
6.3. In case that the standards and established rules of this contract are violated, the company has the right to initiate all legal actions in order to defend its interests later. The company does not revoke the rights to its law in case of a later infringement, exact or different.
7. Further rules.

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