Site-wide plus links

Proceed to the Categories -> Add site-wide links in bulk tab.

For domains relying on SerpBooster Cms there is an option of adding any free html code to the whole group of domains.
For home site templates a div under the slider is envisioned, for the posts website a div in sidebar is included.

Program handles static links in domains added to SerpBooster CMS. Links may be inserted in Home section and sidebar section on subpages. We have three kinds of linking at our disposal:
1) Home under website header (top)
2) Static field designed form HTML in article subpages
3) Field for static/dynamic links: depending on the „cache” settings. This field accepts data lines.

For each article subpage the program is randomly (n) selecting a line from data-field and inserts it into cache.
Site-wide links randomized
In the tab „my links” we may add a list of links, defined by how many links should the program select randomly and how long should it display it.
For example, having a list:
<a href=””>google</a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>

If we select 2 links per page and 365 days for cache, the program will select 2 random links for each subpage of the service and will display them for the next 365 days.
If we select 1 link per page and 0 days for cache, the program will select 1 random link and will display it until the page is reloaded again.
“My links” function handles also text in the spin form. E.g.:
{Google|Search engine} <a href=””></a> { best search engine|good search engine|my favorite search engine}.
{Here you may find info| More information here} <a href=””></a> {browse the web|search google}.

After adding links and selecting Save Form program will automatically add links to all websites of the service or selected categories of the service.

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