After generating websites in domains, you may begin adding the project.

Article publication: Defining how many articles should software add to domains and what is the daily limit. For example, if we want to add 100 articles, 10 times per day, program will add articles for 10 consecutive days. Tags are added after a comma, selecting the amount that the program should download and add to the article.

Program has a link grouping option. If we will link to various websites in the project, and set several links per page, then the program will select links for different domains.

Proceeding to the Add Content tab we upload the files on server.

In projects, we may use content with synonyms (program will download content multiple times) or without synonyms (program will download content only once). Additionally we can add graphics to projects (width 640px)

Link Generator
This is a tool to quickly create links adding URL addresses and key words.
Number of links. The program will automatically add links to generate places, links may be grouped e.g,
In one projects there are 4 websites, which we would like to link. If we select an option for grouping links and decided that the program should insert 2 links, then it will select 2 links from different domains.

Project VIDEO

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