Creating  pages:

Filling in forms, we select in what kind of domain categories (domain groups) unique websites should be generated. If we use program to quickly create a landing page, we may select a layout type of interest. The program will generate websites in each selected layout.

Adding files to the Program

At the moment of installation the program creates a .htaccess file and robots.txt (we may freely configure these files before installing our domains)
The program additionally creates redirection links in the htaccess files. If we provide a domain, e.g.:, the program will create a rule to re-direct from = >

If we could not successfully install domains due to:

  • Lack of installation file in the remote domain folder
  • Proxy error by CF

Program will save domains lists in a form during which an installation error occurred. Theses domains should be copied to clipboard and use the “return” button in the browser (filling in generator forms from the beginning won’t be necessary)

When erroneously installed domains appear, we should click the “return” button in the browser.

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