Serpbooster program publishes comments in system articles that were previously added. Adding comments works with the help of a Gantt chart. You may select how many comments in total should be published and how many comment added daily. It was envisioned that you can add comments without linking (selecting % of comments, e.g. if we wish that every second comment should be without a link, we input 50)
In comment generator files we add nick files, whereupon the program will randomly pick nicks to insert in the comments without a link.

Dodajemy pliki potrzebne do utworzenia komentarzy.

We may add a program to the txt file in a synonymous format.
{Nice|Excellent|Great} {blog|weblog} {here|right here}! {Also|Additionally} your {website|site|web site} {a lot|lots|so much|quite a bit|rather a lot|loads}
Each comment begins with a new line.
Adding links to comments.
To create comments with links it is necessary to add links. After selecting the option “add links”, it will open a website in which we can paste ready links and also use the help of link generator

Comment example:

Proceed to add linking with comments:

We have an intuitive link generator at our disposal

The last stage concerns including comment groups

If all required files are on server and the commentary project is switched on, CRON will begin to publish the comments

During publication we may select to download URL Addresses with added comments. | Copyright © 2017