Adding new category (Domain grup)

The Program has two modes for working with domains
The first mode concerns installing domains and adding posts and comments to installed domains. Serpbooster adds posts and comments through XML-RCP to WordPress.

Adding files to program that will create domain categories (domain groups)

Navigating to the Categories à Add Categories tab adding the category name, we may select whether sites should be generated from a text with synonyms or without synonyms.

After creating new domain categories (domain groups) we may proceed to add files, which will be required to generate new websites.

Click on Select -> Add Content button

Graph Program handles 3 types of graphic files:
– Slider graphics (1280 px width)
– Box and post graphics (640 px width)
– Icon graphics (120 px width)

Title File:
Each title must Begin with a new line, file created in such a way is compressed in a ZIP file.
Keywords File:
Each key word must begin with a new line, and such create file is compressed in a ZIP format.
Keywords file + one text sentence
Each key work and one text sentence must be in specific format: best#pills pills for diet. When the file is prepared in such a way it is compressed in a ZIP file.

Texts (Texts for SerpBooster program must be compressed in a ZIP format)
Program will create two kinds of articles:
No synonyms (white SEO) program will use the article only once
Synonyms (black SEO) program will re-use the content multiple times.

Program checks whether the files sent are valid and whether they are not duplicated. If the program detects any inconsistencies, files will be omitted.

Files need to be downloaded for manual template installation, which must be sent via an FTP client to the remote host.

After correctly creating categories and sending all required files to the server we may proceed to add domains.

In the add domains tab we may select:

  • Serpbooster CMS – send remote files to domains to generate unique websites.
  • Domain installation relying on WordPress CMS

SerpBooster additionaly handles posting and commenting on WordPress (XML-RCP)
If you have a network of private blogs based on WordPress, it is relatively easy to add them to the system, it is enough to paste the list of blogs in a given format:;user;password;user;password

Creating  pages:

Filling in forms, we select in what kind of domain categories (domain groups) unique websites should be generated. If we use program to quickly create a landing page, we may select a layout type of interest. The program will generate websites in each selected layout.

Adding files to the Program

At the moment of installation the program creates a .htaccess file and robots.txt (we may freely configure these files before installing our domains)
The program additionally creates redirection links in the htaccess files. If we provide a domain, e.g.:, the program will create a rule to re-direct from = >

If we could not successfully install domains due to:

  • Lack of installation file in the remote domain folder
  • Proxy error by CF

Program will save domains lists in a form during which an installation error occurred. Theses domains should be copied to clipboard and use the “return” button in the browser (filling in generator forms from the beginning won’t be necessary)

When erroneously installed domains appear, we should click the “return” button in the browser.

Manual VIDEO


After generating websites in domains, you may begin adding the project.

Article publication: Defining how many articles should software add to domains and what is the daily limit. For example, if we want to add 100 articles, 10 times per day, program will add articles for 10 consecutive days. Tags are added after a comma, selecting the amount that the program should download and add to the article.

Program has a link grouping option. If we will link to various websites in the project, and set several links per page, then the program will select links for different domains.

Proceeding to the Add Content tab we upload the files on server.

In projects, we may use content with synonyms (program will download content multiple times) or without synonyms (program will download content only once). Additionally we can add graphics to projects (width 640px)

Link Generator
This is a tool to quickly create links adding URL addresses and key words.
Number of links. The program will automatically add links to generate places, links may be grouped e.g,
In one projects there are 4 websites, which we would like to link. If we select an option for grouping links and decided that the program should insert 2 links, then it will select 2 links from different domains.

Project VIDEO


Serpbooster program publishes comments in system articles that were previously added. Adding comments works with the help of a Gantt chart. You may select how many comments in total should be published and how many comment added daily. It was envisioned that you can add comments without linking (selecting % of comments, e.g. if we wish that every second comment should be without a link, we input 50)
In comment generator files we add nick files, whereupon the program will randomly pick nicks to insert in the comments without a link.

Dodajemy pliki potrzebne do utworzenia komentarzy.

We may add a program to the txt file in a synonymous format.
{Nice|Excellent|Great} {blog|weblog} {here|right here}! {Also|Additionally} your {website|site|web site} {a lot|lots|so much|quite a bit|rather a lot|loads}
Each comment begins with a new line.
Adding links to comments.
To create comments with links it is necessary to add links. After selecting the option “add links”, it will open a website in which we can paste ready links and also use the help of link generator

Comment example:

Proceed to add linking with comments:

We have an intuitive link generator at our disposal

The last stage concerns including comment groups

If all required files are on server and the commentary project is switched on, CRON will begin to publish the comments

During publication we may select to download URL Addresses with added comments.


Another functionality of the program is checking the site parameters in Google and checking the status of domains.

For functionality of testing the site to work properly, it is necessary to set a proxy, the program handles two kinds of proxys: proxy that is downloaded through API and private proxy (ip:port:user:password). Proxy is added in the following tab: Configuration = > Proxy Configuration.

To add domains proceed to the Monitoring->> Add a Domain tab

Site: Checked every day, revealing whether the program reveals graphics or site and whether it is increasing, or decreasing.
Domain Status: The program checks the availability of website every day. Thanks to this solution you can acquire information regarding the availability of a given website, whether the hosting on which the website is placed is online.

Monitoring VIDEO


Advanced domain editing.

Serpooster CMS is enabling advanced edition of every domain separately. After installing domain in programs we have a possibility of editing every subsite of the service.

Additionally, every domain of the service and her subsites we may redirect through 301 to a different address, aiming at re-directions we add a new address and mark redirect activ.

In the HTML Home Insert place our advertisement banner with a link. Before saving the website we should activate links with home by removing the Activate Insert button

This is how a banner added to Home site looks like


Site-wide plus links

Proceed to the Categories -> Add site-wide links in bulk tab.

For domains relying on SerpBooster Cms there is an option of adding any free html code to the whole group of domains.
For home site templates a div under the slider is envisioned, for the posts website a div in sidebar is included.

Program handles static links in domains added to SerpBooster CMS. Links may be inserted in Home section and sidebar section on subpages. We have three kinds of linking at our disposal:
1) Home under website header (top)
2) Static field designed form HTML in article subpages
3) Field for static/dynamic links: depending on the „cache” settings. This field accepts data lines.

For each article subpage the program is randomly (n) selecting a line from data-field and inserts it into cache.
Site-wide links randomized
In the tab „my links” we may add a list of links, defined by how many links should the program select randomly and how long should it display it.
For example, having a list:
<a href=””>google</a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>
<a href=””></a>

If we select 2 links per page and 365 days for cache, the program will select 2 random links for each subpage of the service and will display them for the next 365 days.
If we select 1 link per page and 0 days for cache, the program will select 1 random link and will display it until the page is reloaded again.
“My links” function handles also text in the spin form. E.g.:
{Google|Search engine} <a href=””></a> { best search engine|good search engine|my favorite search engine}.
{Here you may find info| More information here} <a href=””></a> {browse the web|search google}.

After adding links and selecting Save Form program will automatically add links to all websites of the service or selected categories of the service.

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