Serpboost was created with a simple thought in mind: installing hundreds of domains. Application has its own CMS running on SQLite, hence generating an unnoticeable load even for shared hosting.


Application is working 24h a day, which allows to fully automate the process of adding new posts and comments to your network of private blogs based on Serpbooster CMS or WordPress.

Full control

Administration panel for the system is equipped with additional functionalities, e.g. testing SITE and website monitoring

SEO was never that easy

  • Full automation
  • Generating unique templates
  • Automatic post publishing
  • XML-RPC WordPress
  • Link Creator
  • Automatic comments
  • Landing Page

(server application, requires PHP 5.6 with ionCube Loader)

135$ up to 100 domains
  • Email support
  • Unique template generator
  • Wordpress XML-RPC poster
  • Website monitoring 150 URL
  • Free six months updates
243$ up to 350 domains
  • Email support
  • Unique template generator
  • Wordpress XML-RPC poster
  • Website monitoring 400 URL
  • Free six months updates
386$ up to 700 domains
  • Email support
  • Unique template generator
  • Wordpress XML-RPC poster
  • Website monitoring 1000 URL
  • Free six months updates

Increase assigned limits

Update 100
  • Update + 100 domains
  • Monitoring + 100 URL
Update 200
  • Update + 200 domains
  • Monitoring + 200 URL
Update 300
  • Update + 300 domains
  • Monitoring + 300 URL


Full automation with Crone assistance. It is enough to configure the project and leave adding posts to itself. The only necessary move is to decide how many posts per day should be generated for each project.


Additionally you can add your private blogs on CMS WordPress, our program adds articles with pictures and allows to comment added content.

Simple template system

Users accustomed to HTML and PHP basics can create their own unique templates efficiently, relying on ready-made templates provided with the systems


Comments under the blog are a crucial matter, so that robots see, that the post is attractive and attracts other users.

Landing Page

Application allows to generate thematic landings in a fast manner. Now you can create 10-20 landings associated with a positioned phrase.


Application was designed in a way so that you may create thematic websites. It is possible to pair the project with domain groups to which you may add articles.

Responsive Design

Every available system template is crafted and suitable for mobile devices so that it may assure maximum convenience for a user that browses the sites through mobile devices.

Seo Optimized

The templates generated by the program, and articles in the project are optimized towards most popular search engines.

Easy to use

SerpBooster is easy to use, and lighly intuitive. Our Support created useful training material like manuals and video tutorials


Application CMS was designed so that it may be fast and effective. Remote domains have their own databases rooted in SQLite so that we don’t need to install domains, like in WordPress.

.htaccess remote control

SerpBooster CMS is capable of managing files .htaccess on remote domains, so that we don’t need to worry about bad bots. Application blocks most popular bad bots by default, and the files may be edited. Re-directing with www, without www, http, or https is flowing seamlessly.

Link Creator

Ease of creating new links, it is enough to fill in the URL fields and key words, and the program will generate all the combinations of links.

Redirect SUPPORT

Thanks to remote file management .htaccess it is easy to re-direct domains and their subdomains to any URL. The program is supporting 301 and 302 re-directions.


The program was designed so that any SEO activity will be supported. It does not matter whether you write several articles, or several thousand a day, it is enough to set a preferred version for the project.


Application automatically generates files sitemap.xml so the subpages are indexing immediately.

Custom box

Apart from standard linking, we may place our links in special blocks. We have two kind of blocks at our disposal: block on the main home page, and block in sidebar.


Generated website have RSS channels.


Configuring the system, we may define what kind of robots may visit our websites.

SerpBooster CMS

Application was written for people in SEO business who respect their time. Most procedures and actions that we perform become automatic. This program is a proof of it. It is enough to add a project and define any amount of posts that should be published in a given time, the program will do the rest. Crone work parameters are displayed on a transparent panel for all projects.

Creating unique pages

This program has several templates, which are created for unique websites, each generated site differs with elements of html and css codes giving a large diversity for generated websites. Program is developed and in the future new templates will be created. It will be possible to buy premium templates.

Additional tools

Application has inbuilt tools that allows to create new links in a fast manner. It is enough to enter website addresses in one column, and anchors in the second one for the program to generate new links to projects. Program is also managing text in spin format. All communication with the program is carried out through one panel only.

Examples of templates generates through the Serp Booster CMS system.

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